The Idea Behind the Company

Why I Started MJC

It’s not unusual for people to want something more out of life, and I am no exception. I had spent 25 years working for huge organisations, and never seemed to find that happy place, well that’s not quiet true, the RAC was a pretty special place, it was an amazing company and I was privileged to be part of such a helpful and supportive organisation (I'm talking about my colleagues in IT)

From around 2006 my role had always seemed to be one of improvement and development. I would work with a company, get things into shape and then when things were running smoothly I would be made redundant.

Always find time for yourself.

Always find time for yourself.

I was afraid of contracting as I like security, I didn’t know how it would suit me and I like to build proper working relationships with the people I work with. Collaboration and a shared vision was what drove me forward.

In 2017 I was made redundant for the 4th time, and enough was enough. I was no more secure in a full time position as I was contracting. I was about as invested in every company I worked for as I could be, long hours, going above and beyond and delaying holidays to “get it over the line” but at the end of the day we are but a number in a very complex system.

So June 2018, I decided I wanted to volunteer, give something back and help others. I assisted with the WEA on a small project in Birmingham, trained to become an adult tutor and realised what it was about my years in IT I loved. it was helping others, From those who didn’t understand IT concepts, through to actually training people 1-2-1. I wasn’t just an IT expert, I was an IT facilitator.

Decades of seeing projects succeed, avoiding pitfalls, helping departments realise their goals by supplying the right solution for the right budget at the right time. Why can’t everyone benefit from this experience?

I now have a purpose, something I can deliver over and over again, and something that makes me happy. I am an IT facilitator. My kicks come from seeing people succeed and grow into something they were destined for. Whether it’s an IT Service Desk Manager wanting to improve his team, or a small business owner wishing they had time to show the world what they can do. I have the ability to train, educate, manage and deliver everyones goals. As a small business digital expert, I can help people grow and prosper with a range of tools and services that they can utilise (many of them free). As an IT Service Management expert I still work with leaders and influencers in their field. I have close ties with outsourcing organisations and know what good looks like.

Don’t fear what you don’t know.

Don’t fear what you don’t know.

This is the first step into providing everyone the tools to succeed, and to support it I will be offering free online courses in the near future to show you how to be effective and self-sufficient .

Martyn Jennings

Amature Photographer, Father, Part Time Crossfit,