Article 13 - Upload Filtering

Article 13 is a new copyright directive that will mean large platforms will need to process images, sounds and written content for usage violations. It is a controversial directive, because it was often argued that the uploader should be held responsible not the platform.


With the new directive it will impact what can be used to promote your business. Vloggers already have to be carful on what sounds or music is playing in the background of their Vlogs to ensure that Youtube doesn’t block or remove the video. This will soon extend to inserted videos and images on uploads to the large social platforms we all use and love. How will this impact your business marketing, do you know?

A great video from Wired magazine below helps describe in much more detail what this means for people who use snippets and content to help market or promote activity. Check out the article on their site written by Matt Reynolds

On April 15, 2019, the European Council – the political body composed of government ministers from each of the 28 EU member states – voted to adopt into EU law the copyright directive as passed by the European Parliament in March.

Six member states (Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden) voted against adopting the directive while three (Belgium, Estonia and Slovenia) abstained from the vote. The remaining 19 member states all voted for the directive.

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