A Few FAQ's

We often get asked quite simple questions, the questions all businesses owners want to know and the questions small businesses live or die by.

In this article, I try to answer some of those questions honestly.

How Much Do You Charge?

Realistically, we charge what is needed for you to get the results you need. If you want a website we can charge between £40 - £500 per year.

We always work with each business to ensure we start at the most cost-effective solution. If done correctly, the solution will grow with your business maturity. A website is only part of the puzzle, there are other things to consider. SEO, Marketing, Google rankings etc. Spend your money on the right solution at the right time.


When Will We See Results?

That depends on the services you choose.

Organic search or SEO can take between three and six months, but this depends on how competitive your market niche is.

PPC (paid web advertising) is almost instantaneous but requires a constant investment to be consistent.

What Platform Do You Recommend?


Every business is different, a recent client contacted us to help them utilise a £300 per month marketing budget that was being aligned to Facebook.

However, after we conducted some research it was clear that their ideal platform was LinkedIn. Whereas another client aimed their efforts at Facebook and it transpired that Google was their most active platform for potential leads.

We provide a 2-month test and learn facility that looks at all platforms performance and demonstrates the best platform for your business. Test and learn starts from £30 PCM

The biggest question we get asked...Can You Guarantee Results?


No one can guarantee you results. If anyone says they can take this with a huge pinch of salt

The truth is there are just too many variables with companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google changing the rules on a regular basis.

We can increase your traffic and get you seen but the Conversion Rate is down to you and your offering.


Where Should I Start?

Our recommendation is to contact us for a free 90-minute consultation. During this time we can discuss your current position, what you want to achieve and we can show you the options we suggest.

Martyn Jennings

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